What are the best meds for restless leg for pregnant women?

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Meds for restless leg, especially for pregnant women, need to be chosen very carefully. Only listed, verified and FDA approved medicines need to be prescribed in order to avoid unpleasant side effects.

RLS is quite a common symptom during pregnancy. It creates greater irritation, especially at night as a result of which, your mind will get completely disturbed.  If you are looking for an easy option, then you should start taking the best meds for restless leg during pregnancy. Many reasons are highly responsible for the occurrence of RLS syndromes during pregnancy.

Therefore, those reasons should be known first and then only the doctors can prescribe the right meds for restless leg. Some of the potential reasons are iron deficiency, excessive stress, hormonal changes and many more. You should share your experiences of RLS sufferings, so that the doctor can prescribe correctly.

During pregnancy, it is very important to have adequate sleep, but most women suffer from sleeping issues due to RLS. Only the FDA approved drugs should be prescribed to pregnant women for keeping RLS signs under control. But the medicines might differ on the basis of different useful factors like pregnancy stage, age of the pregnant woman, health condition and many more.

Commonest drugs prescribed by doctors:

  • Gabapentin: This is one of the commonest and most effective meds for restless leg prescribed to pregnant women suffering from RLS. It is equipped with folic-acid and this component helps in controlling RLS symptoms. Moreover, this drug is completely safe for the health of both mothers and their fetus. Only controlled usage can help you to get the best results and in this respect certified doctor will surely guide you across.
  • Opioids: Tramadol, propoxyphene and oxycodone are the best examples under this specific category and they are now getting prescribed by many doctors. This particular drug-category has got the highest usefulness and thus it is so very effective in nature. Though no side-effects are found, but increased dosage might cause addiction and thus only measured dosage should be taken by women.
  • Dopaminergic agents: Before prescribing these drugs, medical history or reports of the patients need to be studied well by the doctors; otherwise the patients might face dreadful consequences. The doctor will be the only person who will decide whether this medicine will work well for you or not.
  • Iron supplementations: These supplements are not only prescribed by doctors, but you can also collect them as OTC drugs. They are safe and approved by FDA. But the dosage of these supplements differs from one patient to another therefore in this respect it is very important taking the help of any certified and experienced doctor.
  • Benzodiazepines: These drugs are not prescribed so very frequently to pregnant women as they bear a few side effects. If the doctors think that these medicines will work well for the patients then only they will prescribe the same. In this case, the risks should be definitely considered otherwise the consumers might face unwanted health issues at the end of the day. These drugs cannot be collected as FDA drugs.


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